New Standard in Canby Youth Football

Chris Wakefield is our Coach of Coaches. He is responsible for the execution of policies determined by TVYFL and CYF Board of Directors and oversees the selection, training and activities of the coaching staff throughout the season. Chris will also act as a liason between CYF and Canby High School. This year we are excited to announce he will be the Varsity Head Coach. Last year Chris and his JV Gold team won the JV Metro Division Championships! We look forward to an exciting season!

We welcome Monty Martin, he is our Player Safety Coach and a Head Coach for the 5/6 level. He will act as a liason between USA Football, TVYFL and CYF. He is responsible for learning and teaching coaches, parents and players the Heads Up Tackling mechanics by teaching proper tackling with a focus on reducing helmet contacts. This is the new standard in Canby Youth Football! We are making every effort and learning every method to ensure our youth players are safe!

Canby Youth Football, USA Football, the National Football League and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working to make this your best season. Coach Members get the tools, resources and certified education to help make football better and safer.

Click on this link to learn more about USA Football

Coaches Training and Certification Info.

USA Football:

USA Football offers TVYFL a membership package for CYF Head Coaches and 4 Assistants per team. Please contact your Head Coach for the "Football Code". The features include practice organization, skill buidling drills, interactive playbooks, and tips from experts. All coaches are encouraged to join USA Football.

New this year, USA Football and Canby Youth Football (TVYFL) join together to make youth football a better, safer game!

Housekeeping Items:

1. All coaches, head and assistant, must be registered via the website.

2. All coaches and assistants must complete USA Heads Up Football Level 1 Certification.

3. Copies of two first aid cards, in the names of two members of your coaching staff, must be turned in.

4. Each team must provide a liaison for equipment needs, a team parent, weighmasters, and a field greeter.

5. Every player / parent must complete a Code of Conduct to each Head Coach, you must sign them all, and then turn them in to the Registrar, who will put them in your team book. You will receive a list of all players that have already completed one and turned it in.

Concussion Training:

Canby Youth Football and the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League are requiring concussion training. Click on this link and you will be taken to their website. The training takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Once there, click on the register link and go through the process of registration. This is invaluable information.


1. A minimum of two certifcate holding coaches are REQUIRED to be on the field (both practice and games) at all times.

2. Coaches must take the training and print the certificate of completion. This certificate is required to be in the team book.

Concussion Forms:

Concussion Sideline Assessment

Concussion Prevention Tips

Concussion Return to Activity Plan

Concussion Clipboard Sheet

ACTive Athletic Concussion Training for Coaches


Oregon Athletic Coaches Association

Oregon Athletic Officials Association

Center for Disease Control - Youth Concussions

ACTive Athletic Concussion Training for Coaches

Concussion Training

Everyone needs to learn more about concussions, how to recognize them and what to do if any athlete gets one.

Go to Active Coach to learn more now.

"Some of the most respected sports concussion researchers across the country helped to develop the ACTive training program. It is an excellent resource--it explains clearly what coaches can do to prevent and manage sports concussion in straightforward, practical terms."

Micky Collins, PhD, Nationally known sports concussion researcher and clinician, co-developer of the ImPACT program.